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With The Gold B you have the opportunity to buy, sell and rent everything you've ever dreamed of!





Our Core

*)Those who own the coins will make future decisions about how The Gold B works and operates.
*)We are working on the construction of a platform similar to those used by regular banks. The biggest difference being that the account holders wil be beneficiaries of the profits obtained from this system.
*)Our "Crypto Change" will be dedicated to the exchange of the main currencies and major cryptocurrencies in the world. Once you decide to acquire our currency, you can buy gold shares or exchange them for cash.

Join The Revolution

Why invest in gold?

Money eventually loves its value and even collapses while gold and silver (among other metals) gain value. It can be converted back into money anywhere in the wolrd in any currency. It has inmediate liquidity and we are always going to have a buyer. It does not depend on the markets.

Users / Virtual Wallet

People who are buying and selling digital currency on crypto exchange use storage methods, like a virtual wallet, to maintain their currencies.

Backep Up

Most cryptocurrencies are not supported by a finite commodity like gold or silver, so they tend to fluctuate frequently in the market. Our currency is backed by gold, which is why depreciation is minimal or nil.

Business / Usability

If a company accepts a crypto currency as a form of payment, this gives usability and value to the currency.

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