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The mission of The Gold B is to provide a safe and decentralized economic system in which every individual is able to equally participate. As a result, users will have the ability to receive profits not only from the exchange's financial products, but also by being included in our unique multi-collaborative environment. By addressing the crucial human necessity for gaining access to high-demand financial services. The Gold B enbraces the duty of fostering every person under its innovative and unblased structure.

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Our Vision

The Gold B possesses the clear, well-defined vision of becoming the first and most successful digital exchange house in the world. By providing users with direct access to cryptocurrencies and an exchange house supported by gold, all funds may be instantly converted to Fiat, physical gold and other cryptocurrencies with minimal fees. The Gold B is committed to vastly improving the usability of cryptocurrency throughout the world. It will also give a voice to each one of its members. By having the platform controlled by its own users, The Gold B is enabled to be a transparent system that will heavily rely on user accountability for future improvements of the exchange house.

What is a Blockchain?

Blockchain is a shared digital book that records all cryptocurrency transactions determined between two parties
Once the data is verified it can no longer be edited without the consensus of the majority of the community. Banks act as intermediaries in all transactions by effectively centralizing the movement of capital from one to the other. With the blockchain system, intermediaries such as banks would no longer be required.

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